Five Child-Friendly Activities in the Gympie Area

Poor Gympie, always getting the rough end of the holidaying stick from its pretty blonde-haired Sunshine Coast cousins: Noosa and Rainbow Beach. An old gold mining town with little sex appeal apart from its plethora of farming machinery stores and The G Spot (the town's adult shop), it's reputation was not improved in our household when … Continue reading Five Child-Friendly Activities in the Gympie Area

Day tripping to Harry’s Hut.

Aah day trips. Didn't you love them as a kid? Hours in a hot car, forced to listen to a parent picked radio station whilst you fought bitterly with your sibling in the back seat? All in the name of family togetherness? Good times... Such. Good. Bloody. Times. It all started out quite well with an … Continue reading Day tripping to Harry’s Hut.