Four Must-Have Games For Your Easter Family Holiday.

Easter is only a few short weeks away and while most of us will holiday during that time, it comes with the rite of passage most adventurous parents will partake in at least once in their caregiving career: the camp trip. I've covered this topic on a number of occasions, but never the dreaded bit … Continue reading Four Must-Have Games For Your Easter Family Holiday.

Day tripping to Harry’s Hut.

Aah day trips. Didn't you love them as a kid? Hours in a hot car, forced to listen to a parent picked radio station whilst you fought bitterly with your sibling in the back seat? All in the name of family togetherness? Good times... Such. Good. Bloody. Times. It all started out quite well with an … Continue reading Day tripping to Harry’s Hut.

How to teach your child to ride a bike in 7 steps.

Warning: this post contains swear words and sarcasm. CLICK OUT NOW IF YOU DON'T LIKE SWEAR WORDS. And yes, I'm shouting there. I’ve been skiting lately on Instagram about how awesome I am now that my kids can ride bikes and we can ride bikes together and it’s so idyllic because we can ride bikes. … Continue reading How to teach your child to ride a bike in 7 steps.

My Daughter’s Story.

This post was supposed to be  "Book Week Hacks For Those Who Can't Craft Good" but as I watched my little girl  put up with her awful slapped together Possum Magic costume and listened to her Principal talk about how  every single person has their own 'Story', I wondered what perspective she'd have of hers. What's Sussie's … Continue reading My Daughter’s Story.

End of Term Shit Drizzles.

Warning: As the title suggests, this post contains sweary words. As the end of Term 3 approaches, along with its associated Shit Storms, comes the weather event I dread the most: The Illness Shit Drizzle.  Why a Shit Drizzle you ask? Because a Shit ‘Storm’ suggests a cathartic and reasonably brief expulsion of loud noise … Continue reading End of Term Shit Drizzles.

Getting older, needles and spilt milk

Warning: There are definitely swears in this post. I am in a real shit of a mood this week and it’s only Monday. That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the poor gits in my family. There are a number of contributing factors to this shittiness: my ability to keep the house even slightly hygienic … Continue reading Getting older, needles and spilt milk

Boys are beautiful despite the fart jokes

I had three brothers and grew up on a farm which involved a lot of mud, cubby (fort) making and cow shit throwing. It was idyllic even with all that masticated grass getting around in your hair. I was called a tomboy. I wore shorts almost exclusively. My brothers didn’t leave me out of their … Continue reading Boys are beautiful despite the fart jokes