Why I quit social media.

My phone died again a few months ago and I didn’t put the Facebook or Instagram apps back on it when it was replaced. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons, but mostly it all boiled down to just not wanting to. You see, I’m turning forty, and I’ve realised that the total number … Continue reading Why I quit social media.

First Day of School and a Review of Hand of Fatima

Hear that? Close your eyes. Listen. It’s the house in silence. [Warning: this contains swear words] No screaming or shouting or Paw Bloody Patrol or the precociousness of Sophie the Fucking First. Nothing. Just the fans whirring, maybe a car zooming past outside or a lorikeet chirping. Which is an awful long way from this  … Continue reading First Day of School and a Review of Hand of Fatima

The Great Sleepwear Conundrum of ’16

I stood in the kitchen doing the dishes the other night when my husband looked over from the computer and said: “Wow. You’re really turning me on there.” What?? Finally! Here was the evidence that I need only be a dutiful cook and great at washing dishes for a man to find me sexy! Cosmopolitan … Continue reading The Great Sleepwear Conundrum of ’16

Finding Joy Amongst The Weeds

Warning: Apart from the odd swear word, this post also contains some serious thought. Not particularly intelligent, but serious nonetheless. The last few weeks have been a blur of school holidays and getting shit done. Each day has been a running sheet of survival amongst the weeds of making food, trying to tap out some … Continue reading Finding Joy Amongst The Weeds

Party like you’re ninety-nine

Warning: Swear words inhabit this post. As a university student living in a share house in Brisbane, parties were a regular facet of life. Parties at our house, other peoples’ houses, colleges, parks, pubs, on boats, at bus stops… Furniture would be rearranged, chips and beer bought, ice and eskies sourced and of course a … Continue reading Party like you’re ninety-nine

Shout out to the Blogs I love

I've written before about bloggers who are doing awesome things  when I explained what a blog was here. But at the end of the Problogger 7 day challenge, of which I only managed to complete four days, the final challenge is to link up with some other bloggers This seems pretty easy since it just … Continue reading Shout out to the Blogs I love

Help- I’m drowning in a puddle of work.

Warning: This post contains the odd swear word. Because I'm talking about work. I’ve recently re-entered the world of work and I’m going to be pretty honest- I’m not doing that great at it. A while ago I wrote a post about the fact that I had too many choices as a privileged, educated woman … Continue reading Help- I’m drowning in a puddle of work.