Why I quit social media.

My phone died again a few months ago and I didn’t put the Facebook or Instagram apps back on it when it was replaced. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons, but mostly it all boiled down to just not wanting to. You see, I’m turning forty, and I’ve realised that the total number … Continue reading Why I quit social media.

Family Camping at the 9 Mile Cobb and Co Campground

Remember those camping virgins we went to Kenilworth with, hoping to laugh at all their stupid first time camping mistakes only to completely cock up our own camp site? Aah yes, good times, good times. Well not long after that when they proved they weren’t completely useless, we went on another weekend camp trip to … Continue reading Family Camping at the 9 Mile Cobb and Co Campground

Eight Places To Be Romantic in Noosa

A friend sent me a link to the New Yorker’s Daily Shouts entitled “Valentine’s Day Poems for Married People” which I clicked on and felt in turns humoured and a little sad. Don’t get me wrong, I have a long affinity with hating Valentine’s Day. I blame high school where I was never one of … Continue reading Eight Places To Be Romantic in Noosa

How to teach your child to ride a bike in 7 steps.

Warning: this post contains swear words and sarcasm. CLICK OUT NOW IF YOU DON'T LIKE SWEAR WORDS. And yes, I'm shouting there. I’ve been skiting lately on Instagram about how awesome I am now that my kids can ride bikes and we can ride bikes together and it’s so idyllic because we can ride bikes. … Continue reading How to teach your child to ride a bike in 7 steps.

That One Time I Was Prepared For Christmas.

Well, it's the first few days of school holidays here in sunny Queensland and I can safely say Thank Feck for that! Term 3 was hectic and after some holiday action I'll be ready for Term 4, end of year concerts and Christm... Oh shit. Christmas. Is there no end??? Readers of this here blog and people … Continue reading That One Time I Was Prepared For Christmas.

My Daughter’s Story.

This post was supposed to be  "Book Week Hacks For Those Who Can't Craft Good" but as I watched my little girl  put up with her awful slapped together Possum Magic costume and listened to her Principal talk about how  every single person has their own 'Story', I wondered what perspective she'd have of hers. What's Sussie's … Continue reading My Daughter’s Story.

End of Term Shit Drizzles.

Warning: As the title suggests, this post contains sweary words. As the end of Term 3 approaches, along with its associated Shit Storms, comes the weather event I dread the most: The Illness Shit Drizzle.  Why a Shit Drizzle you ask? Because a Shit ‘Storm’ suggests a cathartic and reasonably brief expulsion of loud noise … Continue reading End of Term Shit Drizzles.