Shopkins Birthday Party Like A Boss

Where have you been Melinda? Usually you post 600 sub-par words on some random crap quite regularly but you have deviated from this predictable pattern. Why so, delicate flower?

Why so? Here’s why:

My daughter turned seven and decided to put ‘masochistic dictator’ onto her ever growing list of new found skills. She likes Shopkins and come hell or my grey hairs, she wanted a Shopkins party for herself and eight of her bestest friends. Like any mother worth her sanity, I tempted her with a selection of off-site activities like movie and sushi or a session at the trampolining center, cake and milkshakes. But no. The little princess wanted a party at home, not at the park or somewhere else- AT HOME = disaster. I’ve been emersed in a Shopkins Pinterest binge ever since.


I visit Pinterest twice a year, always a week or two out from each child’s birthday, in an effort to find an easy way to throw a little party or at least decorate a kilogram of sugar with some flour and butter wrapped around it. Pinterest has never failed me.

But Shopkins. Bloody awful plasticky cute Shopkins. It’s all about detail with Shopkins and let’s face it, I’m really not into finer details of anything. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. The Cake:

After a frantic search of Pinterest and then a few Youtube tutorials I came up with this Merry Wishes cake:

Curse your cute itsy bitsy face Merry Wishes. Read about why Shopkins suck arse here.

It’s got:

  • Three layers of the Australian Women’s Weekly butter cream cake to get the height.
  •  Swiss meringue butter cream icing with a ridiculous amount of yellow food colouring. To be honest, I never would have attempt that kind of icing except for the Thermomix coming into play.. oh and I managed to sources the correct eggs, ones which had come out of a chicken no less than 6 months old, hand raised and only fed bee pollen and nonGMO Aztec corn.
  • The weird looking pink stuff is a white chocolate ganache with food colouring I screwed up.
  • The blue bits are fondant with another bucketload of colouring.
  • The marshmallow candles are from the Reject Shop (savvy).
  • The uneven white line is a strange pocket thing of icing from Woolies.
  • Black fondant from Coles for the eyes.
  • The red mouth is half a smartie.

This. This is why I haven’t had time to blog. She loved it.

2. Party Games:

We’ve got a pool Thank Christ. Games included:

  • Wackiest jump
  • Biggest splash
  • Best technique for a bomb
Note last year’s santa paper.

We also did pass the parcel. Each kid got a prize which I don’t agree with but after The Great Three Year-Old Pass The Parcel Disaster of 2012 I decided not to revisit my harsh stance on only putting a prize in every five layers.

Another awesome game for hot weather was a version of an old university favourite of mine: the kids are in teams of four, each has a cup, the ‘leader’ tips their full cup up over their head and into the waiting cup of the person behind them. Whichever team has the most water by the last cup wins. (Of course, the principle was reversed at uni, involved beer and was generally associated with random week nights, not necessarily any kind of celebration.)

3. Pinata

Sussie was also dead certain about a Shopkins pinata. I HAAAATE pinatas. Not sure if it’s that the cardboard things are so infuriatingly difficult to open, that they’re usually filled with that plastic sugar candy stuff (because from the cake you can totes see I’m into healthy foods) or that it turns the kids into a seagulls-on-chips feeding frenzy. Thankfully some other clued up Mum had an alternative and Pinned it so we came up with this:


I bought a pack of those bloody Shopkins, managed to shove one in each normal sized balloon, filled them with water and hung them on the swing set. Each kid had an individual turn with a stick at hitting them until each kid had a shopkins.

Then they all ate their body weight in cake and sugar.

Happy birthday to my gorgeous, resilient, ever singing, always wacky, not so little anymore, little girl xx

The End.

Pass the wine.

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13 thoughts on “Shopkins Birthday Party Like A Boss

  1. EPIC party!!! Love the pinata idea. You’re so bloody clever. The cake looks the bomb. What’s your phone number? I’m calling you the next time my kids want a theme party 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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