That One Time I Was Prepared For Christmas.

Well, it’s the first few days of school holidays here in sunny Queensland and I can safely say Thank Feck for that! Term 3 was hectic and after some holiday action I’ll be ready for Term 4, end of year concerts and Christm… Oh shit. Christmas. Is there no end???


Readers of this here blog and people who have interacted with me personally for more than ten minutes will know that I’m not particularly well organised. Shit house at it actually. I forget birthdays and give cards and presents months late. I’ve been known to attempt a full Christmas present shop for my children, husband, family and friends on the 23rd of December in a small country town. I’m rubbish at being organised, but this Christmas, things are going to change!

I’ve already bought the obligatory kids Christmas clothes at a Cotton On Kids Sale (thrift AND thinking ahead- how far I have come!). And popping up in my Inbox just recently is another awesome opportunity to drink wine while shopping online be organised  and frugal with Booktopia’s Spring Sale.

Here are some of my picks:

1. For the die-hard Game of Thrones Fan


Hmmm, not sure about calming oneself with colouring a bunch of horny homicidal maniacs but Hey Ho. Whatever floats your Westorosi boat. $11.95

2. For the adventurer:


What’s not to love about a plucky French felon who merrily admits to breaking the law numerous times and escapes out of about five jails? Lots!! I read this years ago and often recommend it: Charriere talks about his hardships in jail and you can almost forgive his law-breaking ways for this wonderful story alone. $11.35 on sale.

3. For parents you don’t like.


Got someone you don’t like that much? Do they have kids? Then get them this- it creates a world of wonder for their children and a SHIT LOAD of work for them as the little elf gets up to mischief in the house… Don’t get me this. $59.99 (you get the extra work load elf too).

4.  For the little kids


If you have to buy for small children, this is a good one, especially since the parents can just whack on the DVD and don’t have to bother even actually reading the thing!? $10.75

5. For the Post Christmas Getting On the Scales Aftershock.


By golly if Daddy Pig can do it, I can too! Give yourself some subliminal exercise messages and read this to the kids a few times. Oink. $4.95 (on sale!! It’s usually  $11.99- WTF??? Greedy much Peppa Pig?)

Of course, Aldi also have a children’s book sale on this Wednesday with lots of favourites really cheap. The down side is that you’ll have to go to Aldi and fight the battle hardened AlphaShoppers for the good books.  They also frown on drinking wine whilst in the store so all in all it’s a much more unpleasant than being in your pyjamas with a bucket of pinot and clicking Add to Cart such as the Booktopia experience offers.

6. Where’s Wally


Wally: Servicing parents who’ve had a gut full of reading Where’s the Green Sheep? and who just want to get on with watching The Bachelor or Australian Survivor… Aldi. $3.99

Either way, Christmas is around the bloody corner. Get organised.

How do you organise yourself for Christmas? Are book sales or deliverable alcohol at the top of your organisational list?

I don’t earn money every time I hit publish on this blog. Actually, that never happens. However, if you do decide to click on the Booktopia links and then buy something from their website, I get a few cents for referring you over to that site.  I get nothing from Aldi because Aldi Fucking Hates Everyone.

Linking up with  Kylie Purtell and #IBOT


13 thoughts on “That One Time I Was Prepared For Christmas.

  1. I can’t think about Christmas just yet, I just can’t. I have four family birthdays to get through before I let myself do Chrissy sometime early November. I then give myself that month to get it together and all out, all done by 1 Dec. That’s the plan each year anyway!!! x

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    1. Oh you’re one of those smarty pants with a plan!! You’re already about five steps ahead of me then ha ha!! It does seem a bit early but for the organisationally challenged I’m thinking it can only be a good thing.


  2. BAHAHAAHAHAHAAHHA! Your gift giving MO is EXACTLY the same as mine. I’m just totally shithouse at it. Every year I vow it will be different and every year I’m late or scrambling around at the last minute. And fuck ALDI. Just ‘cos.

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      1. It is, and will always be, the definitive Aldi companion in my eyes 😛 Ha ha ha!!! Fucking Aldi. And uuurgh I’m shit at Christmas organisation: can’t stand it when I meet those smarmy people who a week out say “Oh I finished my Christmas shopping in November !!??” It’s a combo of CBFed and…. nope, just I Can’t Be Fucked.


  3. I just sat down and wrote my Christmas list yesterday. I start by writing down everyone I have to buy for, then I come up with some ideas of what I want to get them and I slowly buy over the next few months. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a good book

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  4. Ironically I’m usually the total opposite, way organised with presents months ahead, but this year I have no idea wtf I’m getting anyone for Christmas. I blame pregnancy for screwing me up at the moment. I only just realised this week that I need to start thinking about it because people seem to be starting with the Christmas posts. I guess I better start coming up with some present ideas. #teamIBOT

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