Shout out to the Blogs I love

I’ve written before about bloggers who are doing awesome things  when I explained what a blog was here.

But at the end of the Problogger 7 day challenge, of which I only managed to complete four days, the final challenge is to link up with some other bloggers

This seems pretty easy since it just involves chucking a few links at a some blog titles that match and at this stage I think I can probably do that despite the fact that my brain feels a like a squashed caterpillar.  #2016yearofnonhalfarsedness


Here are some blogs I’ve been following which I think you should check out because they’re rad.

The Ugly Volvo is by a lady in New York who is both intelligent and amusing but then had children and has found the adulting-parenting-sanitying continuum tedious at times.

Making Friends With the Neighbours is by a good friend of mine who is ridiculously intelligent. I feel totes smarter when I read her poignant musings (mostly on life in the surf).

Big Family Little Income is a guy writing about his attempts at parenting. I love the different perspective but mostly he’s just piss funny and his no-shit taking wife is totally on to his ridiculous antics.

Ebook Blog post
Got a long trip with the kids planned? Arrive without strangling them- get this book.

Flying the Nest is written by a young Aussie couple who I simultaneously adore and hate- they’re currently wandering around the world having amazing adventures together while I live a vicarious existence back here at home.

Toilet aren’t for Turtles is written by a lady who also amuses me because she comes up with things like ‘fournado’ to describe one of her children. That’s realistic poetry.

The Notorious Mum for when I’m ready for a no-nonsense sweary post.

Got a blog you love? Add it to the comments below: Sharing’s Caring!

Linking up with the Problogger 7 Day Challenge

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