Why my Instagram feed #Instasucks


I have an Instagram account which has about 180 followers on it (woot woot let’s have a ticker tape parade. Everything I highlighted there is dripping in sarcasm. In case you missed it) and as I look through my posts I’m not really beaming with pride at the beauty of it all. The photos aren’t horrible, my captions are reasonably amusing and of late I’ve been hashtagging the crappers out it. But as a whole, it’s just not that pretty.

2016-07-26 09.15.57

When I look around, I’m inspired and amused by lots of different kinds of accounts: they just seem to flow beautifully and make you want to hop straight in and photo bomb. Mine doesn’t. I look at it and wonder where this mish mash of mediocre photos (which have been made slightly better by a filter) have come from.

One of my personal faves from a goal setting exercise. Note extensive use of an instafilter and swear words.

I’m not all that stupid though and despite my artistic inabilities I’ve worked out what all the beautiful ones have in common: a specific theme.


  • @inspirationerrday OR Annoying uplifting sayings written on an annoying inspirational background in some inspirational font.
  • @the_thriving_elephant OR The same filter used on a baby (who isn’t moving yet) dressed in designer gear and generally looking pretty cute.
  • @tres_noosa OR Beautiful beach things which would be RUINED at my place in no time.
  • @kidsaretheworst OR Children chucking tantrums or drawing on walls or generally just being shits.
  • @mummaaintmumsy OR Highly annoying person who takes amazing photos of outfits they’ve put together and look great in. #annoying #notenviousatall #longlivejeansandatshirt

All of these accounts are quite lovely- check them out- even the dog one.

So what can I do to improve my instafeed? I could stage my photos (ain’t got time for that), use the same filter again and again (don’t think Ludwig would work on my red-faced selfies somehow), take a photography course or try and find some cohesion in my life…

Here I talked about how camping was so much better with wine. #keepingitclassy

The thing is, it’s a pretty accurate version of my life. My life at the moment is messy. It’s disjointed. I have adult moments and mothering days interspersed with working moments and lots of cooking non-spicy meals and cleaning crumbs up off the floor and shlepping to school and moments where I get to take a breath and look at the horizon long enough to think ‘This would make a great Instagram post’ but let it go in favour of just being in the moment.  2016-07-26 09.16.37

So when you look through those photos and read those captions, you are looking at a true reflection of what’s feeding through my day. Mess and a thousand different themes. I am not a perfect or classical beautiful or stylised Instafeed. I’m  just a mama trying her  best to document this chaotic life.

What’s your favourite social media platform? And is your account ‘pretty’ or more drunk lorikeet?

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26 thoughts on “Why my Instagram feed #Instasucks

  1. My personal instagram is me. Whatever I snap, that’s what it is! I do have a new podcast project and that one I’ve kind of “styled”…which is interesting as I’m not that kind of person. But I do write a bit in each caption so it feels relevant to me.

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  2. Ha! Mine sucks as well. I occasionally try to take arty pics of the books I’m reviewing but can’t be arsed s just take a pic of the pile or sit it on the edge of my bath. Mostly it’s stuff I want to share, rather than something I think looks pretty. But then again I don’t ‘curate’ it in that way at all.

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    1. It comes down to styling and having a bit of an eye for the artistic- I’m blessed with neither! Sounds like you’ve got a rock solid theme there though: can’t go wrong with a pile of books and a book by the bath? Genius!! 😉


    1. You and your snapchat 😉 Ha! I can’t nail any of these platforms… I’m pretty sure adding another photo based one would break me completely 😛 ha ha! PS I always think your instafeed is very cohesive and pretty.


  3. You made me laugh. All those perfect photos frustrate me sometimes too, I can’t compete with that! I do like the perfect ones but I also like looking at real photos so there’s a place for all of us hopefully:-)

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  4. I’ve signed up! I’m happy to follow your less than pretty but real and quite funny feed! Actually I don’t think it’s that ugly at all. I’m not sure what category mine falls under. Those perfect accounts shit me sometimes. Life just isn’t like that and I have to wonder how much time has been used to set up the shot! I just don’t have those hours.

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    1. Naw thanks! I think it’s the time factor- yes I could probably get a beautifully staged photo of BOTH my children smiling at the camera AND wearing clean clothes, but I haven’t got the time either! Sometimes I think it’s all a bit too real over at my place 😉


    1. I don’t think any social media platform is particularly kind! And after wasting two hours trying to work out why my website isn’t really visible on google… well that wine’s looking pretty good too. Faaaarck!


  5. Somebody was telling me recently that’s why Snapchat is on the rise – because it really is “insta”. So much of the stuff on IG now is staged which is not what it’s about in my opinion. I’m a big fan of keeping it real, hence why I often use the hashtag #fashionfromtherealworld on my outfit pics!

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  6. Instagram got nasty? No way! I always thought they were the kind ones. Buggar! Having said that some accounts are so perfectly chiseled I just stare in amazement!! I guess it’s like those staged family portraits. I’ve a friend that loves those staged family pictures of happy family perfection – but it’s anything but. .Meanwhile we’ve never had those as they’re just too cheesy. We’ll do one one day but I can guarantee it wont be #familyperfection ps. I love your insta account because it’s you. Don’t go changin xx


  7. I really thought I already followed your feed, weird oh well I am now! There is nothing wrong with your feed at all! Instagram is by far my favourite place online to visit and to post! What I post is my real life, just the prettier side of it. Of course there is chaos in my life I have 4 bunnies, 3 cats, a dog, a husband and 3 kids! But maybe that’s way I surround myself with pretty things??? Must keep myself calm and stop myself going nuts lol, who am I kidding I am nuts, just ask my kids!

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