What is a blog and why should I read yours?


I am close to imploding on this fine Sunday afternoon. Mrs Woog (a veritable powerhouse in the Australian blogging stakes) and I will be having cocktails this afternoon at Miss Moneypenny’s, a bar just down the road in Noosa. Earlier this morning I was telling The Socialite all about this wonderous meeting when she turned and said “Who? She does what? That thing you do?? Sounds nice.”

WTF? This is the closest to blogging royalty I’ve ever been and all you can muster up is a ‘Sounds nice’? And I realised that not everyone is aware that this blogging world exists. They don’t know what it is or why they should hand over their email address to something which sounds like an unpleasant bogan ritual. So here’s a little masterclass (ha!) in the notion of the blog:

What is a blog?

A blog is a website which is updated regularly with posts (an informal article) on topics related to that website, sort of like an online journal.  For example, The Organised Housewife is a blog about having an organised house.  Some blogs can be quite serious, others light-hearted and some laugh-your-tits-off funny. Anyone can write a blog about anything. Some people write a blog post every day, others once a week or once a month. Some blogs have 100K+ subscribers, mine has 25. (I love youse all!!) Some people make tons of money out of their blog (what I’d like to eventually do), others just do it for fun (what I am doing). People read blogs for lots of different reasons: to be entertained, to be inspired, to be educated in something or to get the odd life hack.

Why did I start blogging?

I became aware of the blogging world in 2014 when we packed up on a ten month trip around Australia. I wanted to keep family and friends up to date with our trip, but I didn’t want to fill their inboxes with enormous files of text and photos they may or may not have wanted to read. With the blog, The Uys Huis, they could sign up with their email address and get an alert every time I published a post, or they could just visit the website www.theuyshuis.blogpost.com whenever they remembered we existed or not at all. I would write a post, or article about every place we visited. At the end, I had not only kept people informed and surprisingly entertained, but I also had this amazingly long journal of our trip.

Ebook Blog post

How did The United States of Mama come about?

Turns out being an English teacher for ten years wasn’t all for naught because apparently I can write a bit good. And I found I enjoyed it.  Being a stay at home mum (SAHM) is nice and all, but over the last few years it really had felt as though my brain had been swiftly atrophying into an amoeba like state. Blogging on our trip woke it up a bit and when we got back home to four solid walls, the words wouldn’t stop bubbling out of me. I’d be standing at the sink, washing up (again) and the sentences for a post would be running around in my head. Those sentences were about being a SAHM. About the shlep of it all, the paradox of loving small bodies so intensely and yet keeping them alive is so mind blowingly tedious… and about how surely there were lots of other mums out there feeling like they weren’t really doing a smashing job of it but the very fact they were thinking about it meant they were. (Yes my parenting philosophy is built on thinking about doing better tomorrow and then having a Kit Kat). So I started The United States of Mama, even though I’m Australian and have never set foot in America.

Why should you read my blog?

If you want to read about how someone is making just as many mistakes in this parenting bullshit as you think you are, then read my blog. I write about being a woman and how I’m dealing with being a mother. Mostly I just take the piss out of myself. Sometimes they’re a bit serious, but mostly the posts are about shit I think is funny. There are almost always swear words.

Why do I read blogs?

I don’t buy magazines and I don’t get Mamamia in my Facebook feed. I read blogs instead because they are generally 600 words long and I can read it whilst locked in my bathroom for five minutes away from small grubby hands grabbing at my phone. I subscribe to a few and when they publish a post I’ll read it and laugh or cry or think “Yes! I must do that” and then a butterfly flutters past and ooh look The Ugly Volvo published another post. Reading blogs is like reading a magazine where you choose the articles based on who your favourite writer is and what you’re into.

Blogs I like:


This lady is funny, she is a prolific writer and swearer and we’re having cocktails later (squuuueeeeeal!). Mrs Woog writes about life: sometimes it’s about her ugg boots, sometimes her kids, sometimes shit that’s wrong with the world. Check her out.


Another bloody funny lady. Her post on how the Thermomix is just a fancy cult went viral. More recently I especially liked “Four Vital Body Parts That Pregnancy Fucks Up Forever.”

Mummy and the Minx

Robyna was one of the first bloggers I ever followed because her website was pretty and she lives in the same state as me. I read her blogs because they inspire me to be a little more sensible with just about every facet of my life. She’s funny too.

Hurrah For Gin

Another bloody funny lady from the UK who not only finds raising kids a bit tedious but also seems to find the time to drink wine which I also like to do.

The Organised Housewife

I go here when I become completely fucked off with the state of my fridge/pantry/house/hemisphere and get a good dose of kick-up-the-arse organisational hacks. Obvs don’t read it regularly otherwise I’d be organised. Which I’m not.


I started following these Burleigh Heads based dudes when we took off around Australia: they did the same thing as us but were a few thousand kilometres behind and about 10 thousand subscribers in front. They post about their travels with their kids and other destinations.


Darren Rowse is an Australian teaching people how to monetise their blog and generally blog better. His podcasts are great. FYI I only just found out what a podcast was about four weeks ago.

There’s heaps of others, but these are the blogs which come to mind most.

So if you feel like reading about my musings on life as a mediocre mother, subscribe in the email box, or just like the Facebook page and you’ll get updates there.

Okay, I’ve got to get ready for cocktails with Mrs Woog.


Got a blog you love to read?

Put it in the comments below so we can all have a gander at it. Afterall, sharing’s caring.

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10 thoughts on “What is a blog and why should I read yours?

  1. oh yay! I am glad I am one of your subscribers! Just opened this email actually. I came to blogging 18 months ago and totally love it! i had never even read a blog before I started I just googled how to do it and wrote my first post. I have had so much to learn and now I love reading other blogs including yours! This is great post really as I think so many peel still don’t realise how many awesome blogs are out there! Glad I found yours xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And yours! Those bikes!! You know, I almost didn’t go because it was all a bit overwhelming (how stupid is that?) to think I’d be sitting next to and conversing with THE Mrs Woog… but I tell you, that woman is fantastic. What you see in that blog is truly what you get in ‘real life’. Not to mention that the other ladies were a complete cack too and it was like catching up and having a raucous laugh with ten or so of my friends. So yeah, it was great! Her Mum came too- hilarious!


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