Camping for Families and Tweens: Noosa’s North Shore

There are certain people you walk through life with. Parents, partners, friends, family. In the case of Peckerhead and Cam, we stumbled through many bars and our late twenties and early thirties with them. We marched in a much more poised manner down the aisle one after the other. In the newest chapter we finally started having kids and it all turned to a fair amount of waving from afar as we trotted behind our children to their birthday parties and afternoon activities. WTF happened there?

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Anyway, pre-children we used to hang out quite a bit and go camping often. Apart from the odd blow-out over how the fire should be made and why everyone can only have four pieces of chocolate each when there’s a shop 500 metres down the road selling the stuff, these camping trips were wonderful things. We’d laugh, sleep when we liked, fished/surfed/sunbaked when the mood or tide took us … truly, they were the halcyon days of carefree, joyful adults. Adults without kids.

So it was with a few trepidatious phone calls about crowds, weather and bogans that we decided that yes, we could definitely take our respective children, our camper trailers and ourselves up for a long weekend on Noosa’s North Shore. Within hours of setting up and despite our best efforts to chuck the kids toys around in a blatant “Don’t Camp Here We Have Small Noisy Irritating Children”, much like these two campers demonstrate:

…we weren’t that great at it and our idyllic campsite of two families morphed into a four day party binge as just 25 metres away, a group of tweens set up camp.

Here’s a comparative table of how the weekend might be sold to either group in a camping brochure:

Package A Package B
Sensible Family Types (Us) Irresponsible Party Tweens (Them)
Mode of Dwelling
  • Camper trailers with a total of 6 gas hobs (burners) + one Weber.
  •  Running hot and cold water.
  • Waterproof shelter from the rain and wind.
  •  Fridge(s).
  •  Esky
  •  Spring loaded queen and double mattresses, linen
  •  2 outdoor gazebos
  • Shower (hot)
  • Washing up facilities
  • Toilet (chemical)
  •  Swags.
  • Blow up mattress
  • Butane gas burner.
  • Very large esky.
Dining options Breakfast (sample) :

  • chia and quinoa porridge with tropical fruits
  • smoked salmon and egg wraps

Dinner (sample):

  • pancetta and sage pasta
  • marinated chicken chargrilled with a fennel and coriander slaw.
  • French cheese.
  • Fair trade chocolate


  • Chilled wines of many white and red varieties paired to each meal.
  • International beer and cider

ADDED BONUS: wine glasses and stubby coolers.


All day menu:

  • Sausages.
  • Baked beans.
  • White bread.





  •  XXXX beer

ADDED BONUS: straight from the bottle or out of the beer bong.

Daytime activities



  • Take children for a swim- nervously remind children that there are cars driving on the beach.
  •  Supervise children as they use the chemical toilet (many many times)
  •  Feed children.
  • Build sandcastles/ dams/ forts/ cubbies/ fairyhouses/ tonka truck roads for children.
  •  Swim/ fish / surf without children (limited to 30 minutes per adult per day).
  • Pass judgement on why the tweengirls from next door bother wearing bikinis at all given the brief nature of them.
  • Tell children off for bringing sand into camper trailers.
  • Put gazebos up and down multiple times a day dependent on weather.
  •  Lie around.
  • Swim in the ocean and contemplate last night’s antics.
  • Drink beer.
  • Have another lie down.
  •  Attempt to take inflatable couch for a surf.
  • Drink beer from the beer bong.
Night time activities
  • Wash sand off children.
  • Feed children.
  • Put children to bed.
  • Have intellectually meaningful conversations around the fire.
  • Watch the Tweens antics.
  • Fall asleep in camp chair by 9:30pm
  • Drink more beer from the beer bong.
  • Make use of moped (brought to the campsite on the back of a ute) by driving it up and down the beach.
  • Stack moped in thick boggy sand.
  • Do donuts in cars on the beach.
  • More beer bong action.
  • Play some strange truth or dare game involving the beer bong and the removal of clothes.
  • Listen to music.
  • Dance.
  • Have deep and meaningful conversations around the fire about why Old Mate doesn’t like SoAndSo.
  • Go to the toilet where those noisy kids have been playing all day.



Cost per long weekend per person (does not include equipment or upkeep) $300


ADDED BONUS: pack up your filthy sandy camper trailer in the rain and clean it and 26 loads of washing at home!

$36 + extra carton of XXXX and bottle of low quality scotch/vodka (recommended)

ADDED BONUS: Do a half-arsed job when you’re back at work because you’re so hungover!


Nth Shore Kids
Example of children to be cared for in Package A. Take note of filthy bodies and cheeky attitudes.




To be honest, I really can’t decide which one I prefer. Maybe a combo of the two- especially the one where I’m slim enough to wear a teensy weensy bikini.

And you? Package A or Package B?

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