2016: the Year of Non Half Arsed-ness.

New Year’s resolutions blah blah blah. Every year I have a long list of resolutions I resolutely fail to keep, often on the morning of making them.

For example:
I will treat my body as a temple. *goes to bakery and buys a pie&coke combo to stave off NYE hangover*
pie and coke
Get in my belly (1st January 1995-2016)

I will be a kind and delightful mother. *yells at children “Get off my bed with your dirty feet NOOOOOW”*
I will not impulse buy food I will probably never use. *returns from grocery shop with smoked salt*
I love a good list and I could go on and on about the multiple resolutions I’ve broken on the 1st of January, but this year I’m shaking things up with my resolutions in that I have just one:
I will stop giving everything a half-arsed go.


Being the Queen Of Half-Arsed projects this will require quite a bit of effort. Kicking things off is this absolutely NOT HALF ARSED AT ALL blog post about how I’m going to be the Empress of Awesome and do things like write quality blog posts regularly and put the finished toilet roll straight in the bin as opposed to on top of the toilet and then on the ground and then one of the kids uses it as a manky half-binocular AND THEN put it in the bin.
The only thing which will be Half Arsed around here is my arse because nutritionally, I can probably survive without a Lindt ball every half hour on top of the three meals a day I consume.
Yep. Let the Year of Not Being Half Arsed begin: Happy 2016 everyone!

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