Girls’ Trip Part 2: Preparation

I’m heading off to Melbourne this weekend with a few girlfriends and it’s crept up on me like a thief in the night. An incredibly delightful, good looking, funny, relaxation inducing thief.


 Breakfasts like this (from Silo by Joost) actually happen (it did!!), uninterrupted on a Girls’ Trip.
See how I love that thief??!!
Of course this thief is made all the more attractive because I’ve been slaving like a slave (ever the wordsmith) to ensure that all goes well at home whilst I’m away. You see planning a girls’ trip away is the easy part. The difficulty lies in the reality of actually leaving your house and your children.
For example:
1. When I planned this weekend away, my husband wasn’t working on the departure date. Now he is, so I’ve had to find a babysitter for my clingy 3 year old for that day (thanks awesome neighbour- cake which has nothing to do with Dog Poo is coming your way).
2. Meals, or even just the making of a meal, has had to be clearly displayed in the fridge along with ‘options’ depending on a ratio of what my husband is in the mood to eat versus how much the kids have irked him that day.
3. My pantry has had a bit (maybe major) of a tidy up since I know I will otherwise come back to a chorus of “How the Fuck Do You Find Anything In This Cupboard La La La La Laaaaaah” which is just about the most annoying song I’ve ever heard and will undoubtedly kill my weekend-with-the-ladies buzz.
4. The house has been cleaned from top to bottom in an effort to counteract the lack of cleaning/tidying/washing which will most certainly go on over the weekend.
5. A crash course in Lunch Box etiquette (eg, no nuts in Sussies and no wraps in the Boetman’s) and school/ daycare packing  (Friday is library day- VERY IMPORTANT otherwise we are stuck with Pig Who The Crap Cares Pug for the next week) is given and received with a well deserved verse of “Stop Micro-Managing Me Doo Whap Doo Whap.”

 Totes what my amazeballs husband will provide our children come Friday lunchbox time OR cough *tuckshop$$$*. Photo Courtesy of Lunchbox Dad
6. Frantic and guilt ridden displays of affection from oneself  right alongside please to ‘take it easy’ at the H&M Homewares Department from my erstwhile husband (who went out to the ‘bring in the bins’ on the weekend and bought a second hand petrol scooter on the way back- WTF our driveway is 5 metres long??).

 How I envisage my husband will look atop his new purchase.
Photo Courtesy of Funbull
And amongst all of this I am simply grateful for those awesome neighbours, my resilient kids and most of all a partner with whom I can entrust my children. He never reads anything in this blog (thank heavens or my currently unbridled vent for inane and vicious ranting would probably be closed, or at least curbed), and he gets a bit of a beating at times in this digital space, but he is appreciated beyond measure for times such as this: where I can leave him with my children, go forth and plunder the Melbourne shops, wine bars and donut stands, all the while cackling about The Bachelorette and Miley Cyrus.

 Or the weekend…
Photo courtesy of someecards.
So if you manage to secure your girlfriends and your dates for a weekend away, remember, Part 2 is preparation, being thankful for those who are selflessly caring for your children and trying not to grin maniacally at random and probably inappropriate moments when you realise you will be freeeee of them all for a delicious 36 hours…

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