How to Smell Less: A Review of Noosa Basics Alley Oop Deodorant Cream


It is well known that I like to dabble in hippy. There was the spurning of shampoo for 6 weeks (disastrous), the date and cacao phase (I liked it but Fiela yearned for CWA chocolate cake) and then there was the Junk Food Shalt Never Pass My Children’s Lips era (reasonably short as time periods go).
However, as I get older and my body begins to ark up at the slightest provocation, think sulfates, rosacea and beetrooty patches on my skin, I’ve realised that the era of the phase may need to be replaced with just the era of lifestyle. There was also that moment when even my only-organic-makes-her-own-washing-liquid friend had a dalliance with cancer and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to stop exposing my body to endless chemicals.
To that end I’ve been trying a few ‘natural’ deodorants. Firstly, I’m no heavy sweater. But I do sweat and it don’t smell like roses or fresh washed baby so I need something to make me smell reasonable. Like most us do.

 Yeah it’s kind of good for you, but it also kind of doesn’t work.
So I went through a bottle of Botanica Body Crystal which you can get from the supermarket for a dollar more than the usual chemical devil stuff. Look, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. Even in winter I’d be damp under the arms and there was a definite lingering pong to my clothes and myself at the end of the day. It gets the thumbs down from me.
Then I went back to Rexona- let’s face it, if you don’t want to sweat this stuff is amazing. The second ingredient (behind water) is aluminium which doesn’t sound like quite the right thing to be smearing on yourself daily but whatev’s- let’s dance chemicals!

Stunning graphic design from the United States of Mama.
And then, light shining behind her like a slightly off-beat Mary Magdalene came The Organic Store. We had coffee one day and I mentioned my deodorant issue and she whipped out Alley Oop Deodorant Cream (they also have a deodorant stick which I’m going to try next).

Queue angels singing a bit.
First of all, it smells beautiful- I’ve got the lavender one. Secondly, it contains 6 ingredients I easily recognise, not one of which contains aluminium. And thirdly, it works. Sure, I might get to the end of the day and smell a bit woofy, but that occurs with every deodorant I’ve ever used, and if I just smear a little on, I’m back to a lavender garden.
You do need to use your fingers to smear it into your underarms and I’ll admit that it has become slightly grainy in texture toward the bottom of the pot.  It’s also three times the price of the Rexona devil deodorant, but it lasts longer and anyway, I’m back in a non-shampoo phase so I figure I’m saving money in there somewhere…

Anyhoo, if you’re looking for something that’s perhaps healthier for you than wearing tin-foil, this is awesome. Oh, and it’s made in Australia by Noosa Basics, a small family run business, not off-shore by a huge multinational company #stopscrewingmeoverbigbusiness.


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