School Holiday Activities for the Exhausted or Lazy.

I babysat our neighbour’s five year old yesterday for the whole day while she toddled off to work. She’d told me how ‘full on’ this kid was but I’ve got two kids and surely the three of them would entertain themselves?? Well yes they would but my two sloths tapped out after lunch in front of a movie and left me with this child, following me around with a forlorn ‘I’m bored’ expression. I looked at my clock imploringly- still four hours before her Mum’s working day ended. I think we got through about three days worth of my usual holiday at home activities in the afternoon alone, so if you’re stuck for ideas here’s what we did.

  1. Lady bug hunting in the garden- child led activity because I was on Facebook (one whole glorious hour).
  2. My kids got dressed and she helped pick out their outfits- this happened around 9.30am – #nojudgementplease because it’s #schoolholidays (30 minutes).
  3. Fighting over stuffed toys (30 minutes).
  4. Morning Tea (15 minutes WTF kids?? Slow down with the eating!)
  5. Cubby house building- luckily enough we’d had some outdoor furniture arrive so brilliantly had enormous cardboard boxes en masse (30 minutes)
  6. Bandaid application from grazes/cuts/ouchy bits after playing with cardboard boxes (30 minutes).
  7. Fighting over cubby house (30 minutes).
  8. Trip to the park (another glorious hour though I did have to get off my arse and push the swing every now and then).
  9. Counselling over who won’t play what at the park (15 minutes).
  10. Lunch. This involved topping their own pizzas and a LOT of whingeing about why isn’t the pizza cooked and then why is it so hot and then why is it cold?? (45 minutes)
  11. Movie time. At this stage my kids will thankfully blob on the couch with the added bonus of a nap every now and then. Not so this extra child. So whilst mine were contained quietly, this one painted, did a collage of cut out pictures, stickers and more painting (just so you all know- I HATE craft), ‘helped’ me with some washing, wandered aimlessly around the house behind me…
  12. Swim in the pool – even though it’s still a bit Arctic in the water, I was nearly out of ideas and needed to WEAR THIS KID DOWN (only15 feckless minutes).
  13. Warming up in the sun after swim  (15 minutes)
  14. Painting of cardboard cubby house (30 minutes)
  15. Cleaning up after painting (15 minutes)
  16. Wind up toy car racing – thank the heavens I found these (30 minutes)
  17. Refereeing toy car racing tantrums (15 minutes)
  18. Cupcake making and decorating (15 minutes WTF only 15 minutes!!)
  19. Train track building (15 minutes)
  20. Get the hell outside and don’t come back in (30 minutes)
  21. Hand-over of child back to parent (2 minutes).
  22. Open bottle of wine and sit in the foetal position while my children watched ABC4Kids (30 minutes- then I had to get up and make dinner).
I’m exhausted. Quite frankly, I think Number 11 is the best one. Followed closely by Number 22.

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