A week at the Outrigger Resort, Fiji…

A week away lying by the pool, cocktail in hand, sun on your face and the kids occupied in Kids Club at The Outrigger Resort, Fiji. But it’s us so are you expecting it to really be that easy??

We do eventually get to this point of hair braids, coconuts, sunshine and deckchairs.

Our flight out with Jetstar had been delayed by two and a half hours due to ‘mechanical issues’ (which I’m fine with- please sort that out before we’re 1,000kms off the coast of Australia over the Pacific Ocean), but then to finally get in the plane, kids exploding with excitement, just to sit with the doors open for another 45 minutes… twas a little frustrating. We eventually flew from Australian shores though not before my incredibly thoughtful husband sat in the opposite row leaving me in charge of the children over in the Row of Insanity (after all, conversation with random people in planes is so hard compared to entertaining two children under the age of 5 in a space defined by the Human Rights Commission as inhumane).
Employing some of the strategies suggested in my ebook. See, it works. Buy it. Buy it lots of times!!!
Anyhoo, we arrived (infaticide free) in Nadi 3 hours late but it was tropical and warm and people were singing and handing out shell necklaces like we were messiahs of good fortune. I’d read horror stories of people getting coach transfers to resorts which took triple the actual driving time, so had organised a private transfer for us rockstars. This was awesome in that we got to stop on the way and grab some much needed supplies (beer and chips) but not that awesome in that said coach pulled up behind us as we got out of the car at the resort. Bit of a fail there.
It was windy and rainy but we were in Fiji in our lovely room which had a two way robe = awesome cubby to two small children! We had room service (ultimate start to holiday indulgence) and hoped for better weather the next day.
Overcast and green. Hello Fiji!
It was still overcast and a bit windy, but there was no rain and more importantly, the breakfast buffet was open. Queue unadulterated gorging on every manner of food that should never be consumed first thing in the morning- pancakes, bacon, chocolate croissants, bacon, scambled eggs, raspberry (icecream) smoothies, bacon, paw paw, hash browns, brioche, bacon, chocolate sauce, buttered toast… There was also honey baked ham. And bacon.
Pool fun at The Outrigger. It was really hard to hold my cocktail and take this photo, but I did it.
Because we were on a tropical island we all went and got our swimmers on and sat by the absolutely enormous pool under the cloudy sky in the cold wind. The kids had a swim in the shallow rockpool bit which was lovely but there was no way Fiela or I was getting in and let’s face it, we are beyond the age of 10am being an acceptable moment for the First Beer of The Day. It was a little grim, until I remembered one very important thing: Kids Club. Hallelujah- the clouds actually parted and off I sped, children trailing behind me.
Sussie and her wall of nanny, Asaneca- a delight!
The Kids Club is awesome at the Outrigger- there are plenty of childcare workers and they really did look after my two wonderfully. Especially considering the Boetman was less than impressed. And I mean really bloody unimpressed. Sussie thought she’d landed in some crafting/ dancing/ do what you want/ icecream eating competition heaven, but the Boetman? Not so much.
Beer tower by the pool. And no, they don’t come in Margarita mix or wine. Just beer. Which is enough!
Anyway, I left them there and after a few minutes of hand ringing and guilt ridden “Should I just go and get him??” Fiela waved down a waitress, bought me a cocktail and it all faded into   …what?  The clouds actually sped away and I could take in this beautiful resort in the sunshine. The gardens are that impossible green with splashes of bright colour, a water  feature runs through the entire resort and there are some little fish living in the ponds. Palm trees are everywhere and the smell of sunscreen and tropical insect repellent scent the air. There were staff everywhere for just about anything- one need only leave the deckchair to toilette.  Truly, I looked up from my book (which I’d been reading, uninterrupted for half an hour), cocktail in hand and leisurely spoke to Fiela for about 5 minutes on how much I “bloody love this place!” Again, without interruption.
Cocktail hour delivered to our room everyday by our butler who organised absolutely everything else for us as well?  Oh, if we have to.
Things were starting to look up and we hadn’t even been there 24 hours yet. They continued to improve with the weather turning to blue skies and less wind. We didn’t leave the resort. We spent a fortune on beer towers, cocktails and wine. The kids continued their love/hate relationship with the Kids Club. We claimed a section of the pool deckchairs as ‘ours’ daily. The food was amazing. The staff were friendly and all-accommodating. The resort was fantastic. It was beyond wonderful and continued to be so for one beautiful week.
The view from the Outrigger’s Kalokalo Bar over sunset, Fijian coast stretching off to the horizon. Asaneca had the kids and we had tapas and drinks. Getting the visual on why I’ve had a holiday hangover????
And yes, there were tears shed by us on the last day. In fact, I’m pretty sure a little hedonistic part of me died when we finally pulled into Nadi airport, greeted not with “Bula!!” shouting locals but lengthy lines of sunburnt Aussies at the Jetstar check-in.
And with that the holiday was over. Sniff!
One last shot of paradise, complete with the staff cleaning the beach of coral. (PS. This is not a resort for those looking for the wild and untamed)

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