Five tips on how to pack carry on luggage (like a professional).

This is how Chriselle from The Chriselle Factor packs her carry on for any flight she might be taking. Isn’t it beautiful and ordered? Except for that pineapple- the mind boggles as to what that’s going to be used for.


 Who is this woman? She must live in a White Tower of Clean.
Considering we are flying to Fiji in just over 24 hours, I really need to get my shit together in the packing stakes because it’s pretty clear I’m crap at packing.
There was the whole THREE kilograms over my carry on limit when I went to New Zealand a few months ago. Then the very well documented “literally started throwing things we thought we might need into the camper” strategy employed last year prior to our trip around Australia. And let’s not forget that time we drove 34,000 kilometres with a BOSE dock but somehow failed to find the corresponding Ipod filled with music to play on it. We found it three months after the trip had ended, but not before the refrain of “Where is that Bloody Ipod???” could be heard in boring places all over the continent. Aah, good times.
So here’s some advice that sounds like it should work but that I rarely follow as proven by the examples above:
1. Pack what you think you might need then remove half. And then remove half again.
Pfft. Never happens and I always bring back about half my clothes as clean as the day I packed them.
2.Roll your clothes- you’ll save on space in your bag.
I don’t do this on the theory that I’ll get jack of my jumbled up things and pack them into the cupboard provided 36 hours before we come back home.
3. Weigh your bag BEFORE you go to the airport to save on repacking your possessions on the check-in floor or paying $50 and half a litre of blood per extra gram over.
After the New Zealand Embarrassment I might actually do this.
4.Use travel pouches within your bags to organise clothing, electricals etc.
Alright, I’m not totally feckless because I do employ this strategy. But only after poo-pooing my organisational porn loving friend Peckerhead who told me to get the separate pouches so that every person in the family would know where their clothes were in that one suitcase. It works. I bought some from Kathmandu and paid an arm for them. She got hers from Ikea and it cost a couple of fingernails.
5. Children are an excellent bargaining chip at airports, especially if they are very cute or very upset.
I cannot count the times our children have made the slightest murmur of discontent and we have been ushered to the front of every kind of queue, waved through check-in with clearly over-the-weight-limit baggage and in general treated like crying-screaming bombs about to go off. We’ve never been given special treatment because the kids are cute but then after a long flight, not many people are.
So those are the tips which apparently work but I tend to employ on a Wherever I Am In My PMS Cycle basis. Thank heavens we’re going to a warm destination and really, I just need swimmers and a sarong. And some heels since we’ll be going to a restaurant. And a jacket for day and one for night in case it gets cold. This should be easy.
What are your packing tips? Got some annoying life hack we can all say “hmm sounds great” and then never use? Just me??

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