How to celebrate your Birthday Month.

I’m 38 this year and my actual birth day just ain’t as exciting as it used to be. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I’ve gotten around those problems with this ingenious solution: Birthday Month


August in our house is called Birthday Month which is basically an excuse to excuse any behaviour which would normally be termed ‘unhealthy’ by a dietician or financial advisor.

For example, today I went to lunch with a friend and shared a bottle of wine, a huge slab of cheese, salt and pepper squid and some pork tacos. This is not my usual Tuesday lunch. But it’s Birthday Month so YAY!

In another example my husband (whose birthday is also in August) has been out throwing money into the hole in the river/ocean he likes to call our boat. He’s also been fishing four out of the last five days over the late afternoon, only to appear around 6.30pm when all the hard work has been done in regards to feeding, bathing and reading to the kids. But it’s Birthday Month so (through my gritted teeth): YAY!

I’ll be buying some frivolous piece of fashion tomorrow. But it’s Birthday Month so YAY!

You get the picture.

Cupcake with your skinny flat white? Sure: it’s Birthday Month!

It never used to be like this. It used to be Birthday Week. And before that, like most people, it was just a Birth Day

But since I’ve now the daily gift of children and I spend the equivalent of five dog years organising their birthdays, mine has faded into the background of our annual celebrations calendar. So now, instead of one day of “Happy Magical Enormous Birthday!!!” I have 30 days of “Happy Little Birthdays”.

It’s working for me… might follow today’s lunch with pizza for dinner because I just can’t be bothered cooking. It is Birthday Month after all.

Do you celebrate Birthday Month or Birthday Week or just Birthday Day?

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