Things to do in Noosa when it’s too cold or wet for lying around in your swimmers.

I grew up in a beach town in New South Wales and now I’m bringing my family up in a beach town in Queensland. And if living in a beach town teaches you one thing, it’s that beach towns are awesome when the weather’s awesome. When the weather is a bit shit, suddenly UNO becomes your only likely option in keeping yourself occupied. The shitty thing about UNO is that it can be played at home, for free. Whereas if you’re holidaying in that beach town and you’ve mortgaged off your leg to do it, you’ll want to be doing something slightly more exciting than play UNO (personally I love UNO, especially against anyone I can destroy ie my nephews). The other major option is to buy a raincoat or umbrella and get the hell on with having an awesome bloody time in shit weather on your expensive beachside holiday.

So if you’re in Noosa, here are some family friendly activities that don’t necessarily require awesome weather or you stabbing your wallet repetitively at the shops:
  • Strawberry farm at Eumundi
This opens during the winter months and the owners of this no-frills attraction (seriously, there’s just rows of strawberries in a paddock and a shed) are pretty happy for you to pick as much as you want whilst stuffing your face as long as there is something to weigh at the end (2015 prices are $10 per kilogram). It does get a bit muddy out here if it’s wet. Great for kids. It’s also very close to the Eumundi Markets (Wednesday and Saturdays).

 Thelma from Eumundi Strawberries, the farm is on Strawberry Lane, Eumundi.
Photo Courtesy of Eumundi Markets
  • Kenilworth
For another 30 minutes of pretty driving inland from Eumundi, you can make it to Kenilworth, a gorgeous little country town. They have an awesome kids’ playground, a cheese factory, great bakery and a bit of that country charm.

  • Bushwalks
Don’t worry- you needn’t travel further than 1 kilometre from Hasting St to get to a walk considered to be ‘in the bush’. Nationals is the Eastern tip of the Noosa headland and is a great walk at any time of the year, accessible for wheelchairs and from Hastings St. Perfect for a morning stroll to make you feel like wine with lunch is definitely deserved. And if you’re all about ‘flat’ walks, go through Noosa Woods towards the river mouth and you too could have a bush turkey story to take back home.

 Another hilarious Noosa moment.
  • Cafes:
There is an absolute plethora of cafes in Noosa,. Places like Belmondo’s in Noosaville, Costa Noosa Espresso in Sunshine Beach, Sweet Tempered Chocolateria and Canteen in Noosa Junction are all fantastic examples of great cafes not on Hastings St. And these are just a few, there are heaps more! Go on: be brave and move beyond Aromas, Bistro C and Gaston.

 An excellent example of random wallet stabbing- putting money into a carousel.
  • The J
The J is a theatre in Noosa Junction. During the last school holidays they threw as many jumping castles as they could fit into the auditorium and for $10 an hour you could let your kids jump themselves stupid while you had a coffee. They also do arty farty stuff, so if the weather’s a bit crap see what they’ve got on.
  • Tour Operators
You can do a tour in an enclosed vehicle of some sort on just about anything in Noosa depending on how much money you want to spend. Head to the Information Centre in Hastings St and the incredibly helpful Oldies will help you choose your boredom reduction treatment. This will involve a bit of wallet-stabbing.

 The Noosa Everglades. You can get up here on a tour- great in windy weather.
Of course, there’s lots of other things to do like galleries, cafes, shops, cafes, markets, cafes… but unless you have a fully charged Ipad or kids who are happy to be quietly occupied (who are you people???) then cafes aren’t always for you.

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