School holidays at my house.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve picked up Sussie from school, put her school uniform on to be washed along with everything else that is associated with school that can be washed. And exhale….

I know some parents out there stare down the school holidays with their shoulders squared and eyes narrowed in a warrior stance of “Test Me Child And You Will Feel My Wrath”… but I’m not.

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My stance is definitely more slovenly. No school lunches. No frantic uniform washing the night before school. No need to dutifully oversee the attempts at homework. No drop off or pick up.

Glorious, glorious holidays! Oh how I love thee!

Of course, I can afford to act like a drugged sloth since I don’t need to pack them off anywhere more important than Nana’s house: we are essentially ‘staycationing’ these holidays.

Here are some ‘representations of what holidays mean to me:

1. This is the pinnacle of awesome holidays: sunny days on deserted beaches with my favourite kiddly winks happily combing for treasures.

GLorious glorious holidays

2. Here’s how it’s actually going at the moment: in bed with an Ipad and an enormous mess.
glorious holidays 2
3. This is how our holidays are probably going to end: with filthy children sitting in their respective time-out corners.
Glorious holidays 3

Happy holidays everyone!!!!

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