Queensland: The Sunshine (A Bit Cold Sometimes) State


Even here on the sunny Sunshine Coast I am feeling the chill. Notice I said chill and not cold there- people living on the Queensland coast don’t actually know what cold feels like. If the maximum daily temperature refuses to hit 20 degrees, we start throwing wooden furniture into the middle of the lounge room and light a fire so that we might keep the very real threat of freezing to death away. Really, coastal Queenslanders are about as tough as a bunch of chrysanthemums on Mothers’ Day when it comes to dealing with the cold.

Here are some indicators that it is getting towards the end of Autumn, and ‘winter’ is upon us.

  1. The cows are milking at the same ‘correct’ time as their southern bovine cousin. (I haven’t got time to go into the intracacies of the Daylight Savings debate here but suffice to say THE COWS WON’T GET CONFUSED!!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure my curtains won’t fade anymore than they normally would either. Can we have Daylight Savings now?)
    Cold Queensland cows
    Cows: do they give two tosses about anything ever?


    2. State of Origin

    Cold QLD State of origin
    Keeping the head warm with some sensible non-flame retardant beanies. NB the short sleeve shirts- it’s not really that cold.

    3. Parents drive for four hours so the kids can see 2 centimetres of dirty melting ‘snow’.

    Snowy QLD just before hoardes of parents and their kids from up north arrive to be disappointed.


    4. Smoke choked suburbs

    Ebook Blog post

    5. The ‘pot plant’ stand is used for its correct purpose: as a free standing fire place. For four weeks.

    6. Backpackers actually wear clothes.

    Cold Queensland backpackers
    Further evidence the living conditions in QLD backpacking lodges are disgraceful: BBQ used as a heating implement.


    7. Ugg boots are de rigueur.

    Queenslanders: It’s never cool to wear ugg boots in public no matter which handbag you accessorise them with. Please stop.

    8. Roads become choked with grey nomads heading to Cairns.


    9. Red wine becomes a socially acceptable drink for a few months. Then it’s back to sav blanc and chardonnay.

    To combat the chill in our house, I have started stalking websites with island holiday packages in Fiji, Bali and Thailand (read all about how that went here).  This keeps my hands and fingers warm since they’re moving, but the rest of me is rugged up in ugg boots and long sleeve pyjamas. Brrrr- this 21 degree daily maximum temperature thing is bullshit.

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