The Noosa International Food and Wine Festival: Champagne Breakfast and Seafood Lunch.

I love a festival and one that involves copious amounts of wine with gourmet food on the side makes me just a teensy weensy bit silly in the nether regions. Fortunately for me (but not my bank account or my waist line) my beautiful friend, The Duchess of Nurkasa, organised tickets for a female only champagne breakfast and a seafood lunch for said females and their significant others. Yay for awesome friends who enable my ridiculous food and wine habits!


The scene of much lyrical waxing on the texture, hero and unctiousness of highfalutin gastronomy.
Anyway, Saturday arrived and I could hardly contain my excitement but I did just long enough to get out of the car and skip away from the microcosm of “Muuum”s and “Melindaaaa”s and revel in a morning of champagne and adult conversation at the Noosa International Food and Wine Festival.
There was a bit of a scuffle at the entrance to the beach marquee as the punters positioned themselves to get the best table, but once inside it truly was blissful. There is something magical about a breakfast with ladies, especially when it involves champagne from Champagne, lots of French waiters and salmon in almost every form (eggs, smoked, poached, gravlaxed etc).  We drank, we ate… I realised I’d worn the wrong top since it wasn’t low cut and therefore overlooked when the bubbly was being topped up. I was told by the very French waiter that I should “not be afraid” to correct this error the next day.
We all popped over to the actual festival site after breakfast (having not been moved along by a bouncer for many years, it felt all the more wrong since it was 11am, not ten hours prior) for some cheese tasting and Matt Preston action. I must say, he looked much the worse for wear in the flesh and very much like he could do with a good liver tonic and a long lie down. More awesomeness as we stood around, had a laugh and watched all the foodie action go down.
I was probably even more pumped for Sunday and with good reason. We were heading back to the beach marquee for a four course seafood lunch with a group of 12 like-minded individuals (yes, everyone loved a drink) completely unhindered by parental responsibilty, having organised babysitters for our darling children. I’m pretty sure no parent ever thought about putting the brakes on a good time once their children were safely being cared for elsewhere, so from the get go it was fantastic.

Lucky punters at the seafood lunch.
The food was beautiful and it all felt a bit Top Chef or Masterchef or Iron Chef-ish, what with the samphire, the Patagonian tooth fish and the clams which were coaxed out of the water with promises of dinner and a show. There was quite a bit of wankerish discussion about the ‘hero of the dish’, nouveau cuisine (fancy trying your hand at Japanese-Peruvian fusion at your next dinner party?) and farming with toothpicks so as not to disturb the ecology of the dirt stuff was grown in. And then as the wine was refilled, laughter bordering on guffaws filled the air and the sun shined on Noosa’s beautiful Main Beach, I felt positively privileged.
Again we went over to the festival site where all sorts of shenanigans were engaged upon, along with the rain which turned everything to mud. We stomped around in it, dancing off the food and wine to the funked up band: life felt pretty good.
Of course the hard light of Monday made me sympathise with Matt Preston all the more and I was just so glad I didn’t have to be anywhere that involved me functioning as a human being on any level. Sadly, there was one awful casualty of the previous day- my shoes- which, despite my best efforts, cannot be resurrected from the Noosa mud.
The tickets for these events were certainly expensive up front, but when you factor in the free flowing champagne and wine, the quality of the food, excellent service and the included entry into the festival itself, really it was fair value. Plus you’ll be fairly wasted and I usually forget about the budget once I’ve had two glasses of chardy. I absolutely love the Noosa International Food and Wine Festival, but like all festivals, my aching body is super glad I’ve got a year to recover before we do it all over again.


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