The Inevitable Passage of Time and Seat Belts.


I’ve been campaigning long and hard in the race to get at least one child to secure their own seat belt when we get in the car so that I might grab another minute somewhere else in my day. I mean really, can’t they make toddler restraints easier for those dang kids to get in and out of? Safety be damned: I’ve got washing to get in at home before it rains and this whole seatbelt thing is slowing me down!

And it was only recently that I realised it was the seat belts which were disabling me from getting a quick getaway from dance class or school or people I just didn’t want to talk to, when the Duchess of Nurkasa managed to beat me out of a driveway (when we’ve both got two children of similar ages) by a good five minutes. I literally did a double take. Was she pole vaulting from one side of the car to the other? Had she purchased some new fandangled automatic child restraint from Sweden?

No, she’d just taught her kids to put their own seat belts on.

So simple it’s stupid. And Mrs Stupid is sitting here doing the typing.

To be fair, at the end of the school day, everything is hard.

I immediately actioned the “Put Your Own Bloody Seat belt On” Campaign for my five year old at least, since even Mrs Stupid here is still having trouble with the toddler child restraint two toddlers later and given that I can’t put it on properly, I’m pretty sure Mr Almost Three won’t be able to either. You’d think I’d have it down by now. Anyway, I won’t say the transition has been smooth but suffice to say Sussie is managing the seat belt by herself about 70% of the time depending on which side of whinge she woke up on that morning, which is great.

I’ve been congratulating myself on having such an advanced child and my own clearly excellent parenting skills (insert guffaw), only to be hit in the face today with a My Children Are Growing Up Too Fast moment as she put her seat belt on without fanfare.

Lots of fanfare as we attempt to counsel our way through another trying afternoon of self seat belting.


I hate these moments. I want to keep them just as they are but of course I can’t and in that weird PMS-nothing-will-ever-please-me-no-matter-how-you-try way, I love it each time they hit their ‘next’ phase of growing up.


These moments have been exacerbated of late by the arrival in our neighbourhood of a newborn who is perfect in every way. I won’t say my ovaries are aching but I have been giving my kids a longer squeeze at cuddle times. Let me be clear- I do not want another baby- I just want the ones I’ve got to stop growing up so ridiculously fast.

Anyhoo, in the getaway stakes I’m ahead one minute thanks to Sussie self seat belting, but down about two minutes because I find myself using that minute we’ve gained to give her a big kiss and a squeeze as I sail into the driver’s seat. So really, I’m up about three minutes, or down five. I’m not sure.


External dialogue: “Good job Sussie. Great putting your seat belt on :)” Internal dialogue: Faaaaaarck!!


And finally, on one side of my street is baby smell, while on my side of the street is potty training smell which is REALLY different. And I’m REALLY glad I’m over here but it still smells pretty sweet over near that baby too.

Are your babies growing up too fast?

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