Easter Thanks in the Shopping Aisles.

As I trawled down the aisles in a last ditched effort at gorging myself on all that spiced Easter goodness I had a few thoughts.

Not the “Feeeeck I forgot the fish and I’m almost done in here and it’s all the way down the other end…” or the “Is a kilogram of chocolate per family member enough?” or the “Is it finally socially acceptable to buy Hot Cross Buns?” or the oft thought “I’m going to kill you lady if you don’t move your overladen trolley of heart disease causing food OUT OF MY WAY!!

 Easter header

As I picked up various items off the shelf, I had these wondrous epiphanies:

1. Baked beans.

My children react to “It’s Baked Beans for dinner tonight” the way I would react to “Yes Mrs Uys, you have definitely won the $20 million lotto jackpot. Here’s your congratulatory bottle of chilled vintage 2002 Moet, a straw and the cheque.”  They don’t even want them warmed up- just crack the tin and dish into bowls. My only issue is trying to limit the times per week I serve this up as unfortunately baked beans doth not a balance diet make. I bloody love Baked Beans.

2. Cheese.

It’s school holiday time. I used to hate school holidays. Kids everywhere, expensive accommodation and there’s always a traffic jam. But now?? No routine. No peering into the crystal ball of my fridge and wondering whether a cheese sandwich on stale bread is really going to cut the school mustard. No school emails (Thanking the Lord!). No school. Getting a theme here? Yes, school really has ruined my life a bit… so thankful there are only 50 or so terms left

3. Mosquito coils (I actually put these back on the shelf).

After almost a year in a camper trailer, having an awesome albeit at times cold, wet and windy trip, looking at Weatherzone and realising that yes, the Easter weather is probably going to be grim at best, I looooove the fact that I can say “I choose NOT to spend the next 4 days in damp conditions stuck in a 12×2 metre space with my toddlers.” I am at this time of the year very grateful for living in a house of solid construction.

4. Chocolate Easter Eggs.
These come in the best size (small), in the best packaging (bright tin foil which is laborious for little fingers to peel off) and are categorically the best way to bribe my kids to do just about anything. Except in the case of getting Caesar to wear clothing other than board shorts and one of three t-shirts; still looking for a currency there.

5. Bertocchi Meaty Ham Hocks.

The weather is cooling and the air will be full of methane and odd smells as I make the first pea and ham soup of the wintry season. I bought two so if you’re stuck for a meal, come over and join in the Fart Games.

6. Apricot jam, salami, chips, more Baked Beans.

Buying a little bit extra just in case we have friends pop in to visit, putting items in the trolley I know the gorgeous creatures I call my family like, is incredibly wonderful.

I still almost murdered someone with a death stare on my way out (is it really that difficult to move yourself to the side while you check your metre-long receipt as to whether you got 20 cents off that Easter Egg?) but I feel ready for Easter. Let the gorge fest begin!

The scene of 2014 Easter- take note of the blue skies!!

Have a read here for last year’s Easter festivities in Outback Queensland…

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