Well Hello there

A year ago I entered the world of blogging as a means of keeping family and friends up to date with  a 10 month trip my husband, myself and our two small children embarked upon. The Uys Huis became a gigantic undertaking, a behemoth of words and photos, a journal of both place and growth. It was also about how much everyone in caravan parks annoyed me. Including my husband and children. Mostly them actually.

Apart from the memories, the photos and the raging tinea we contracted from communal showers, I’ve managed to gain something else- a confidence in myself and my ability to entertain people with witty observations of things that happen. They get heaps wittier is you’re a bit tipsy. Or taking an antidepressant. With both on board these posts are HILARIOUS!
So I’m committing myself to another blog, even though I haven’t really finished the last one. I’m stuck a few hundred kilometres North of Sydney, only an hours drive from the end of our trip, and for whatever reason I just can’t finalise those last few camp spots… What better way to untangle my procrastination than to simply say ‘bugger it- I’ll just start again’.
And if you gain nothing more from this blog than the satisfaction that you are probably raising your children in a much more efficient manner than I am, then that’s great! Happy reading!


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