You are a mother now: Expectations are futile.


Maybe I’m a slow learner or just a bit stupid, but you’d think after being a mother for nearly seven years now, I’d KNOW that any expectations I have about what and how my kids will do at any given moment would be a little more realistic by now. Nope. Just stupid I guess.

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Camping with kids is better with friends and their kids.


School holiday camping trips are a rite of passage for children and parents alike. For the kids, it’s what memories are made of- sleeping in the Great Outdoors and eating sausages for days. For parents, it’s an exercise in not committing infanticide while attempting to relax whilst covered in sand and/or dirt. Continue reading

How to Stay Moisturised this Winter #CheapArseTuesdays


As Australia is hit by an Antartic blast of cold wind and snow even here in sunny Queensland, every lady’s worst nightmare of dry skin and itchy legs has become a grim reality. WTF Antartica? Is this your way of saying “Keep eating those donut’s guuurrrl cos you are gonna need a layer of grease to protect yourself this winter!” Just like the whales? Or a penguin? Because there’s only so much krill oil and sardines I can take, you know?

Luckily #CheapArseTuesday is here with another LOW COST HIGH PERFORMANCE solution to all your dry skin woes this winter- some of which are actually based on truth!

[Disclaimer: not all of the assertions in this blog post are based on truth.]

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